Ramapuram Sri Shiva-Vishnu temple is located in the serene atmosphere of 'Ramapuram' behind Nirmalagiri College,4 km away from Kuthuparamba town in Kannur District. The Invasion of Tipu Sulthan, the aggressive Mysore ruler, has vanished the prominent families of the locality and the temple controlled by 14 Illams in due course of time came under the sole control of the 'Kavumkara Illam'. The financial decline and mismanagement led to the ruin and eventually to the closure forever.

The bitter experiences faced made the people residing in and around the locality to think that if something is not done to the Divine presence in the temple, they will not get prosperity and peace.Thus, they approached Sri. Kuberan Namboothiripad, the senior member of the Kavumkara family and got permission in writing to open the doors of the temple for worship.

The devotees and the people residing in the locality formed a committee "Ramapuram Sri Siva Vishnu Kshethra Seva Samithi" and registered under the societies Act.An astrological enquiry Known as "Swarna Prasnam" was conducted in March, 2006 in the temple premises. The swarna prasnam revealed that Lord SriRama had visited this temple for worship in the "Trethayuga" and this locality consacrated by the footsteps of Lord SriRama came to be known as Ramapuram.A pond, Sugreevan Chira, believed to be dug by Sugreeva, the follower of Rama slashing his tail on the earth when Rama asked for water to quench his thirst, is still visible 200 meters away from the temple

Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva, two among the Hindu Trinity are installed with equal importance in this temple. In Kerala there is no other temples where the Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva are given equal importance.

Lord Vishnu, with the expression of blessing Prahlada after the assassination of King Hiranyakashipu, is installed in this temple.

The Shivalinga, with the expression of "Ardhanareeswara" was installed in this temple by the Kavumkara Namboothiries. After the defeat of Pazhassi Raja, The British demolished the palace situated at Pazassi and constructed a road passing from Thalassery to Coorg over the ruins of the palace.A Shiva temple attached to the Kovilakam was also demolished and the Idol of Shiva installed in the temple was handed over to the Kavumkara Namboothiries who were the then dependants of Pazhassi Raja.Thus the Shivalinga worshiped by the Pazhassi Raja was brought and installed in this temple.

The peculiar spiritual aspects of this temple have attracted wide attention and people from far-off regions arrive here for spiritual solace, strength and fulfillment of their wishes. The Divine presence in this temple removes all impediments and mis-fortunes in the family life. Many couples who find difficult to get solace and peace are readily blessed with the fulfillment of their desire for affection and peace in the family life.

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